Friends of Geistvoll - Ladonna and Tom

Ladonna and Tom Doud, and Zimmer

The story of Mr. Z (Zimmer)

When we left Renee's house on that cold February day Zimmer started barking and howling...he got his older housemate Duchess to start howling also. He was so loud Duchess REFUSED to sit in the back seat with him and rode all the way home on my feet on the floorboard of the truck.

Once home we had to make special arrangements for him to go "potty". He would not go in that strange place..we had to set up an X-pen and put newspapers in it, this was all around the back porch. We were sure there must be something wrong with his bladder system as he would go out and pee, then come in and pee again not 10 minutes later. (sound familiar anyone?.....jim) In a few weeks the weather warmed up so I could leave the back door open for some of the day. This is when he finally housebroke and learned to run between the back door and the sliding glass door to be let out. As far as going somewhere else! he would not go in strange places. We would walk and walk and walk, then he would get back in his crate and pee! Fortunately, his male instincts started to take over and we had a celebration the first time he finally peed outside in his own territory.

As a puppy Zimmer charmed quite a few people, he was never shy about greeting people (with a little too much enthusiasm). He was Best Puppy in Match at the Bonanza Kennel Club Match and was Best Puppy in Match at the Reno Kennel Club Match. At his first "real" show he was Reserve from the puppy class, and the judge was looking at him very hard for Winners. At his next show he was the only one so he was BOB..and the only one who jumped on the judge in the group and the one who was barking in the group. Zimmer went on to finish his championship with 4 majors and 20 points. Then we started our obedience career: Zimmer proved to be everything I wanted in an obedience dog. He is a very fast learner, and as long as he is not distracted 99% accurate. Zimmer is now doing most of the Open exercises and most of the Utility exercises. Now "Mom" has to get going and finish up the rest. Distractions are his biggest "downfall" and what we will have to work the hardest on. Zimmer also is a happy worker with a lot of attitude and enthusiasm. Zimmer got his CD with an average score of 193 1/2 and had 3 placements...this is out of the largest class at the trials.

Zimmer has also started his third and fourth careers in herding and agility. The drive to herding (and agility) is about 50 miles away, so once he had his HCT, the herding fell by the wayside, as I could not drive the distance more than once a week. Zimmer tackled agility with his usual enthusiasm...and sometimes boredom...but at his first trial he showed a new side...he ran the course in a very fast time...but he was having so much fun he ran his own course......and he discovered he could finish the last obstacle and go challenge the dogs that were waiting in line! We are still working on that. He has a style and cleanness of movement that invites comment from other people.

Zimmer's favorite place to play ball is in the house, and he is sure that playing ball with him is part of our TV time. Zimmer doesn't watch TV except when there is another dog agility. If we put his herding tapes on he goes in the room behind the TV to look for the sheep!

Zimmer's odd habit is burying his head, even though he is not an ostrich. He will shove his head under pillows and throw them around the room. He will also bury his head between the cushions on the couch...really cute with his little butt in the air. Our grooming table is in the laundry room, so every time I go back there, he runs away when I come out. It can be fun catching him to actually get groomed....(I hate to say "come" for that). He also will not sleep on the bed with us. He will go lay on the hard blanket chest at the foot of the bed, or go into his crate..we figure this must be a "guy" thing as our male Giant would not sleep on the bed. (the girls were more than happy to take over the bed.)

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