Friends of Geistvoll

Meet Mike, Debra, Alex, and Nick Durbin...
proud owners of puppy
Geistvoll Baltic Bandit.

Family Portrait
Bandit poses with his new family, and it did not take long for the new puppy to make friends with everyone.

A Beautiful Setting
Nick works with Bandit on proper outdoor behavior, which in the Colorado mountains means don't chase deer and elk. A nice setting it is, with Bandit's new home nestled in the woods and snow of the Rocky Mountains.

Some Pointers

Renee goes over some "fine points" in caring for a Standard Schnauzers with Debra........let's see...did we cover "locking the slippers in a safe"?

Meeting kids and Neighbors

Bandit plays with Nick, neighbor Andy, and Alex (left to right).

"Best Friends"
Christmas 2001

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