Friends of Geistvoll- Joan and Chuck

Joan and Chuck Walsh, Baylee and Rommel

Joan and Chuck hail from Bend, Oregon, where they report the weather is always sunny and warm (I don't believe it....says Jim).

They made the trip to Colorado to pick up Rommel's new baby sister Baylee, and are shown here in front of the Geistvoll homestead. At first, Rommel was not sure what to make of this "miniature giant", but after a month they were best of friends. They are sharing their toys with each other and even go so far as to share the large dog-bed.

Baylee has been going to handling classes, where she is reported to be doing great and is also making friends with the other students. Her tail never stops wagging.

Basic Puppy Training: Check out the food pantry to see if there is anything a clever puppy can open.

(Note from jim and renee...we are very sad to report that Rommel, the giant has crossed over the rainbow bridge.)



BY Baylee Walsh


I was born on July 1, 2000. I had many brothers and a sister I loved to play with. My mommy, Tracey, took good care of us and sometimes our daddy, Donie, would come to check on us. Dad Jim sometimes spirited me away with him. That's where I learned to snuggle. I liked the extra attention. Mom Renee always knew where I was when I was missing. She loved all of us lots, too. She gave us our first taste of grooming. They called me Miss Green because I had a pretty green ribbon around my neck.


We played and played inside with all our toys. Then, one day we got to go outside in a big pen. We got our first feel of grass underfoot. The fresh air felt so good. I watched airplanes fly overhead and saw birds flying from tree to tree. I tried to catch all the bugs I could. I loved playing with all my family. I was very busy.


One day I saw one of my brothers was missing. I worried about him, but I learned a lady came to take him home to Montana. What was happening? It wasn't long until Mom Renee took me out to the big pen by myself. There was a lady and a man waiting for me. We played awhile, but I was glad to be joined by my buddies. There was a big black dog tied to the porch. I'd never seen him before. The strangers called him Rommel and they called me Baylee(a.k.a. Geistvoll Best Bet for C and J). Things were happening mighty fast.


Two days later I was bundled off into a strange crate, in a strange car with the strange dog and the strange people. I hardly had time to breathe and we took off. I cried and protested and no one paid any attention to me. Finally, I was so tired I went to sleep feeling better that the big dog Rommel was nearby. This riding in the car went on for three whole days with stops at motels for two nights. We did stop a lot during the trip to my new home. Each time we started up it was easier for me, and by the time I got to my new home in Oregon I loved my new Mom Joan and Dad Chuck and wished I could play with my new brother Rommel. I learned to potty on a leash and I could tell the folks were pleased that I didn't have any accidents, whatever they are.


I couldn't understand why Rommel and I couldn't play together, something about me being so small. I could have stood up to that big guy anytime. But we had to take turns in crates and going in and out. Boy, was I glad when that was over. Now we play all the time and the folks have to separate us once in awhile. They say I've left scabs all over his neck and his beard is not so luxurious. See, I told you I could take care of that guy. We're buddies now and I can't wait until he gets up in the morning.


Mom and I get up earlier. I still eat several times a day. Poor Rom doesn't get to have so many meals. Besides, Mom and I do things together. She's teaching me to catch hotdog treats she spits at me. She started out throwing popcorn, but now, it's spitting hotdogs and I catch them all. Mom teaches me how to stack. I like the chicken strips she uses for that. We even go to obedience class. Right now I don't do anything but watch. Mom says we go for socialization. I've always been sociable so I don't know why I need to hone up on that. I try to help Mom in ever so many ways. I especially like to help her make the bed.


Dad goes to handling class with us. That's where he runs me around the room and some lady puts her hands all over me and looks at my teeth. I really don't know what this is all about, but I like the attention. Rommel whispers to me that I'm going to be a busy girl.


Maybe that's why Mom puts me on a table and runs a stripping knife and stone over me. You should see the hairs fly off my coat. When she's done I look so pretty. Then, it's Dad's turn to clip my neck and butt and clean up my ears. That is, when my ears aren't done up with tape and stuff. I'll be glad when that's over. The folks keep saying it won't be long until my ears stand up all the time. I can't wait.


When all this business is done, I can play. I like that. I run around the yard and chase Rommel. I'm quite a jumper. For a time there was a small jump outside and I took it in stride. I especially like that white stuff called snow. I hope we have more of it. We have lots of Toys inside. For some reason Mom calls me a pack rat. I guess it's because when Dad gives me a piece of ice I try to hide it somewhere and work at getting it out. I do the same thing with cookies and other small things I get hold of. I have lots of fun.


I like my new home. But, I'm glad my new Mom keeps me in touch with my brothers and sister through Grandma Renee. I guess it's all right to call her Grandma now since I have a new Mom. I hope she doesn't mind. I'm so happy Grandpa Jim keeps my page updated. I miss them both.



Baylee Walsh

I'm such a busy girl; I hardly have time to write. I though I'd better tell you what I've been doing lately. Grandpa Jim already told you that my buddy, Rommel, went to the Rainbow Bridge. It was sad around here and I miss him lots. Mom and Dad keep be busy though, as you will see.

I told you about all the grooming stuff I've been enduring, but it's even worse. As if once a week wasn't enough, now it's two, three and sometimes almost every day. Whew! Then, in March I found out what it was all about. I made my debut in the show ring.

That first time was something else. It was a cold rainy day and we were stuck out in an open shed at some fairgrounds in the middle of nowhere. We drove through snow in mountain passes just to get there. At first the new and strange noises were hard to take. The smells were very distracting. To top it off I had so many new people to meet and lots of things to learn. I did it though!

Nancy, my handler, really liked me. I thought Mom's chicken treats were good, but Nancy gave me strips of cheese, which are so yummy. When I was all gussied up, Nancy took me over to a show ring and paraded me around. There was a lady who came over and put her hands all over me just like in class at home. I really honeyed up to her. She must have liked me because she made me Best of Winners. I got lots of hugs from the Folks when I strutted out of the ring. Dad got some good pictures. Guess I was meant to strut my stuff. I heard I'm going to more shows.

After the shows the Folks took me over to see the Pacific Ocean. I watched the waves come in and played in the wet sand. I tried to collect rocks and shells but there were so many things to do I ran from thing to thing. Then, you'll never believe whom I met.

Mom and Dad took me down to the bay and I heard all this strange "barking". I looked through the fence and there were all these big bodies lying around on the docks. Those brown ugly bodies were sea lions. They'd raise their heads and act as if they were going to fight. One guy even pushed another one off the dock. Why, the hair on my back stood straight up. I just stared at them. I certainly wouldn't want one of those guys for a buddy.

We're home now and back to the old grind. I'm waiting for the suitcases to come out again. I'm ready for the next show. I wonder if we get to take a vacation every time we go to a show. Guess I'll find out.



Baylee Walsh


Things have been pretty busy for me. Since I turned one, I've been working out on the treadmill. I'm up to ten minutes three times a week. Dad says my butt muscles are looking good. Mom keeps talking and encouraging me all the time I work to keep fit.


I've been honing up on my agility skills, too. Dad made me my very own obstacle course in the back yard. I'm even getting used to that old teeter-totter. It's not my favorite obstacle, but I'm learning to negotiate it. You should see me scramble over and through everything at class. At first I'd get a little wild and race around. If Mom had let me play with my classmates I'd have been happier. I know they wanted to play with me, too. Mom says I'm doing better. She gets so pumped up when I do well. That means more treats for me!


The folks surely keep me involved in everything. We just went to a parade downtown where all us dogs wore scarves that looked like flags. We looked and felt very patriotic. I was mighty proud to show everyone I'm a good American, too.


My show career is on hold until next year, but the folks keep grooming and stacking. I guess I'm in for the long haul. I hear whispers that I'm going to have a little brother one of these days. I can't wait. I need a playmate. We're thinking of all kinds of names. How do you think Barnum sounds? We'd be a real team - Barnum and Baylee. I'll let you know about it in my next chapter. Looks like this story will go on and on.

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